Tecnografica® decorative panels

Tecnografica® decorative wall panels represent an innovative reality in the world of murals. The system used consists of large format panels (up to 150x300 cm) with an infinitely reduced thickness to obtain a high quality thin wall covering. State-of-the-art printing technology from Tecnografica® allows you to create perfect quality and super images with both visual effects (wall plank textures and stone-effect panels such as marble, agate, onyx and more) and brackets (light panels for walls, backlit panels, matte, glossy and much more).
Based on different designs, our decorative wall panels are available in five different supports: Smart Panel Glossy, Smart Panel Matt, Smart Panel Double Face, Dècora LED and Dècora LUX. The flexibility of our offer also comes from the size of the decorative wall panels, which are fully customizable, following the specific characteristics of your own project.

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