Terms of service



These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: T&C) are governed by Milla Deluxe Design Kft., (registered office: 2051 Biatorbágy, Sasbérc út 1., registered office: 13-09-221640 , tax number: 27962136-2-13., represented by: Hajdu Kamilla managing director (hereinafter referred to as: the Operator) the terms and conditions of the "ZEBRANO SHOP" ( https://zebranoshop.hu ) home furnishing web store operating, the rights and obligations of the parties and the Operator and the applicable basic provisions.


Operator name: Milla Deluxe Design Kft.

Headquarters: 2051 Biatorbágy, Sasbérc út 1.

Tax number: 27962136-2-13

Community tax number: HU27962136

Company registration number: 13-09-221640

Representative: Kamilla Hajdu, managing director

Bank account number: Erste IBAN HU17 11600006-00000000-95376231 (EUR)


E-mail address: info@zebrano.hu

Phone number: +36 30 091 9333


If you would like to return the ordered product, please let us know in the first instance at the customer service email address info@zebrano.hu !

After consultation with our staff, you can return the product by courier to the following address:

Recipient's name: Milla Deluxe Design Kft.

Return address: 1123 Budapest, Alkotás utca 11. FSZ/4.

Phone number: +36 30 091 9333

Email address: info@zebrano.hu


Our company is engaged in the retail trade of home furnishing products, furniture, lamps, home textiles and decorative items. We sell our products through the https://zebranoshop.hu website, via distance selling. Our products are obtained from Hungarian and foreign manufacturers and wholesalers, in each case based on the Customer's order, or they are manufactured individually.

After your order arrives at our warehouse, we will deliver it to the delivery address you specified by courier or freight.


You can place your order via the website https://zebranoshop.hu . Select the products you want to buy and place them in the cart. Enter your contact information, shipping and billing information, then choose a shipping method and payment method. Then send us your order. Sending the order does not in itself constitute the conclusion of a contract.

In all cases, the information and delivery times on the website are of an informative nature, which in practice were uploaded based on the data provided by the supplier. And delivery times depend on your currently available inventory and delivery cycles. After sending the order, our staff will contact our suppliers and inform you about the expected delivery time. If you accept the expected delivery times, our staff will confirm the order. Confirmation of the order in some cases is only subject to the payment of an advance payment or, in the case of custom-made products, the payment of the full purchase price.

If the expected delivery times are not acceptable to you, we will cancel your order at your request. In this case, any advance payment you may have paid will be returned to you in full within 8 working days.

We reserve the right to unilaterally refuse to confirm and fulfill your order in the following cases:

  • The ordered product is out of stock and no longer available from our suppliers
  • The advance payment is not made until the deadline indicated on the fee request
  • Our employees cannot contact you at the contact details provided and cannot confirm your order
  • In cases of force majeure (e.g. elemental damage, delivery failure, etc.)

When we have confirmed your order, we will start purchasing the selected products from our suppliers. The expected delivery time is always included in the confirmation email.

Sending the order is considered an offer by the Buyer. The electronic contract between the Buyer and the Operator is conditional upon our company confirming your order.

CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commercial services and services related to the information society. the guidelines are laid down in law. The contract falls under the scope of Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26.) on the detailed rules of contracts between the consumer and the business, and takes into account the provisions of Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on consumer rights.


The prices on our website are always gross retail prices.

Product prices do not include shipping costs. The shipping cost can be viewed on the cart page after placing the products in the cart, before sending the order. The Buyer receives information about the shipping cost on the website before sending the order, which he accepts at the same time as the order.

Our company can periodically provide a discount on the price of our products. If it is a general discount, the discounted price will be clearly marked on the product's data sheet. If, on the other hand, the price discount is tied to the redemption of a coupon (e.g.: private discounts), then the discounted price becomes visible during the ordering process, after entering the coupon code.

After sending the order, our staff will contact you and agree on the payment details.

You can also pay by bank card when placing your order. We can cancel the order if the advance payment is not received by the deadline!


Our company provides the following payment methods to its customers:


Pay by bank transfer to our company's bank account. Don't forget to enter the ID number of the order in the message field!

Beneficiary name: Milla Deluxe Design Kft.

Bank account number: IBAN HU17 11600006-00000000-95376231

Bank: Erste

Currency: EURO

Announcement: #XXXX (eg: #1054)


When placing the order, pay with a bank card through STRIPE's payment interface. If you choose this bank card payment method, after finalizing the order, you will be redirected to STRIPE's payment interface, where you can pay by entering your card details.

The bank card data will not reach the merchant.


Pay when you place your order with your Apple device and use one of the most secure payment methods in the world.

The bank card data will not reach the merchant.


The prices include 27% VAT and the national delivery fee.

If it is not possible to transport the furniture to the property using an elevator or via the staircase, the buyer must ensure that it is brought in by a special method (pulling it up through the balcony, using a crane).Upon request, we will organize this with our partner company if necessary, the cost of this will be borne by the customer.

The free nationwide home delivery is for a one-time offer. If the customer cannot receive the products at the time we offer, the delivery fee is HUF 20,000+VAT, plus the storage fee until the delivery date.

Upstairs delivery is only possible for an additional fee.

In the case of a personal order, we start the order with a 50% down payment, the remaining 50% must be paid upon arrival of the products, before delivery. In the case of an online order, 100% of the products will be charged. In the case of furniture, delivery is expected within 12 - 13 weeks from the order. This time for lighting is 5-6 weeks. Since the products are delivered from outside the European community, we cannot take responsibility for any slippage, so our company is not charged with fines or other compensation.

The order cannot be canceled or changed after the 50% deposit has been paid.

If the payment request for the second 50% is received by email, it is considered the arrival of the product. If the amount on the invoice/request for payment is not settled by the payment deadline, the product cannot be delivered and the product will be charged a storage fee for the period beyond the payment deadline.

The prices do not include storage fees! If the customer is unable to receive the ordered products after receipt, we will charge a storage fee, the amount of which is HUF 2,500-10,000/day + VAT, depending on the quantity. Until the storage fee is settled, we will not be able to deliver the products and until then they remain the property of Milla Deluxe Design Kft.

We can only deliver items that are completely financially settled!

In the case of a custom size and color order, if the product has arrived in accordance with the terms of the contract, we are unable to accept/exchange/compensate for possible subsequent changes in size and color.

In all cases, the color of the product must be selected in our showroom using our color samples based on exact codes, these codes are included in the contract. In the absence of this, we are only able to manufacture the color chosen from the photo at the buyer's own risk.

When the products are delivered, it is possible to inspect the products in front of our colleague, if there is a problem with the product, we will record it. If the products are in order at the time of receipt, which is acknowledged by signing the delivery note, we cannot accept later complaints.

We offer a 2-year warranty for our products, if the malfunction is caused by improper use, we are unable to remedy it.

If the products are not opened at the time of receipt, we cannot accept complaints for subsequent damages/shortcomings.

If it is necessary to carry out a warranty repair on the product, we are unable to provide a replacement product during the repair period.

In the absence of a personal meeting, the acceptance of this contract is also considered accepted by the buyer electronically (e-mail).

An inseparable part of the contract is the drawing of individual furniture plans (if any), which are approved at the same time as the contract.