Omexco Seraya

We pay tribute to natural materials that have evolved imperfectly throughout life.
The book of luxury, the Seraya is the ode to the Earth and all its splendor.
Crossing continents and materials, the Odyssey, Seraya is Omexco’s exclusive collection, offering a wide range of timeless and luxurious natural features. As a well-established designer and manufacturer of luxury wallpapers, we have long adhered to natural products. We are proud to present our collection of natural materials in a large book.
Dedicated to the finest craft traditions, we transform pure materials into exceptional wall coverings, from natural elements to works of art. Banana peel, coconut peel, rattan, bacnoc, waterlily, capiz, ...
The artisan needs time to select the raw material and embraces the unique nature of each raw material with artistic sensitivity, pulling out gaps and details as a desirable property.
The palette combines a wide range of naturally neutral colors - occasionally accentuated by metallic reflections - in elements that evoke natural elements.
If we long for an interior that respects our authentic personality and becomes a personal sanctuary for peace and prosperity, Seraya is our natural choice ... Awakened to our deepest senses, this collection fills the spaces with serenity and fulfillment.

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