Omexco Mica

Bright spectrum of colors

The “Mica” wallcovering collection from ommexco includes various mica structures and combinations: coarse-cut mica, small mica, natural mica, embossed mica, printed mica, mica blend with recycled paper or olefin.

Mica or “vermiculite” is a mineral formed from the chemical reaction of quartz and granite. When exposed to extreme heat, the mineral expands to 2000 or even 3000% of its original size in a spectrum of brilliant colors. The properties of this mineral have been known in Japan for 6 centuries. Mica is also called a “miracle stone” or “breathable stone”. After the mica has expanded thermally, it is crushed into small pieces and glued to a nonwoven backing. Eventually, the surface gets color treatment.

The natural luster of the mineral stones enhances dark colors such as graphite, night blue, onyx, giving a pearlescent glow to gold, cream, gray.

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