Omexco Borneo

An ode to the joy of travel

Borneo ... a natural paradise, endless beaches and wonderful rainforest ... the name of this island in Southeast Asia, surrounded by clear blue water, probably meant the origin of the “people of the seas” ... This unique Omexco collection invites you to sail towards the lush vegetation and breathtaking flora.

Borneo explores rich and lavish colors and a mosaic of elegant natural materials , reflecting the beauty of the island. Combine valuable products made by skilled craftsmen with ecological, non-woven, matte and textured wall coverings.

The Borneo collection sublimates the walls and lends a sophisticated exotic elegance to its interior.

The color range includes soft and natural shades as well as some stronger and deeper colors: sandy whites; walnut; chestnut; azurine; pastel and sugary almond blue; powder pink; sepia; tortoise; patina; sage; mauve ... You may even notice a little alizarin or garnet red.

The raffia with a metallic reflection is laminated to a non-woven fabric and then painted with fine-toned pastel touches or lacquered colors. This material is reminiscent of the precious minerals abundantly present on the island, as well as the multicolored stripes on the horizon that are shaded by the changing daylight.

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