Magnetic lamps


... which is the beginning of the trend of the future! New magnetic rail lamps will be available soon!

Magnetic lighting consists of two parts: a rail magnet and a luminaire. There are four types of rails: surface-mounted, flush-mounted, borderless embedded mounting, suspended. Different types of lamps can be installed on the rail, thanks to which we can achieve anti-reflective line lighting, high-performance lighting, soft light or decorative lighting. With this lighting, we can even create a simultaneous combination of point lighting and line lighting! Magnetic lighting is easy to install, fashionable and modern to meet different lighting needs. The products have a 2-year warranty, are glare-free and feature an excellent CRI (color rendering index). Leading the trend of the future, high-end LED lamps provide an ideal choice for offices, exhibition halls, exclusive shops, hotels, villas, clubs and last but not least for our own homes!

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