Slate Lite ™ stone veneers

Stone veneer is a flexible material that can be used as a 100% natural, ultra-thin innovative covering and design element, with which you can make your home exclusive. Stone veneer can be used as an outdoor and indoor covering, as a floor tile and as a wall covering.

The dimensional accuracy of the sheets can compete with any good quality cover, but it is all the more flexible and easier to cut.

How it is made?

Slate is a layered rock with easy splitting rock. It is split along the natural fault line, thus preserving its naturalness. After further cleavage, the layers of the slate slabs are separated by insulating heat engineering to form the ultra-thin slate stone veneer.

We offer 3 different products from this stone veneer:

  • EcoStone product family: our thinnest product - about 1 mm thick - is the perfect choice for decoration and wall coverings.
  • Slate-Lite product family: this covering is suitable for covering ceilings and floors, wall coverings and facades, with a thickness of 1.5-2 mm.
  • Translucent product family: translucent decorative stone that can be used as a truly exclusive design element in interior design.

Stone veneer is the perfect choice and an economical alternative to, for example, onyx, travertine or limestone.

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