Our selected premium quality armchairs are only available here. Our manufacturers make the individual armchairs in the chosen color using our color samples available in our showroom .
Lucca fotel.


Lucca armchair

219.900 Ft

Zebrano® Mobilya

Casablanca sofa

1.290.000 Ft 2.049.900 Ft

Zebrano® Mobilya

Casablanca armchair

790.000 Ft 956.990 Ft

NONA Istanbul

Boomerang armchair

299.000 Ft 399.000 Ft

Zebrano® Mobilya

Cope armchair

264.900 Ft 714.900 Ft


Wien armchair

179.900 Ft 439.900 Ft


Tudor armchair

249.900 Ft 699.900 Ft

Zebrano® Mobilya

Hecuba armchair

299.900 Ft 1.121.900 Ft

Zebrano® Mobilya

Admetos armchair

499.900 Ft 1.229.900 Ft