Dining table and chairs

The products of our dining table and chairs can also be purchased separately. Some of our chairs are made completely customized to suit your taste. We have a color swatch available for you in our showroom . You can find our selection of bar stools here: Bar stools

Zebrano® Mobilya

Velovis chair

269.900 Ft 421.900 Ft


Lyon dining table

399.900 Ft 569.900 Ft

Fiagdon szék.

NONA Istanbul

Fiagdon chair

99.900 Ft 229.900 Ft

Zebrano® Mobilya

Chester chair

240.900 Ft 404.900 Ft


Prag chair

89.900 Ft 189.900 Ft


Etro chair

95.900 Ft 239.900 Ft


Como chair

96.900 Ft 198.900 Ft

Zebrano® Mobilya

Diego chair

299.900 Ft 404.900 Ft

Zebrano® Mobilya

Cratos dining table

989.000 Ft 1.614.900 Ft