Omexco Capiz

A little exotic and sophisticated elegance

The wall coverings made with capiz shells are eye-catchers from Omexco’s “Capiz” collection.




After a careful cleaning and drying process, the shells are softened, stained with water-based dyes, and then polished. The small segments of the organic shells are then laminated one by one to a nonwoven backsheet, which is then cut into strips. These ribbons are patiently woven by artisans. Each weave in the collection is intertwined with buck bucks (the bark of the banana tree), ensuring a refined association of various authentic, natural materials.

For each capiz item, a group of matching nonwoven wall coverings was created, allowing for alternation of colors and textures, textures, and materials.

The combination of excellent workmanship and Omexco design makes the Capiz collection really valuable. These exclusive wall coverings decorate the walls with exotic and sophisticated elegance and enhance the interior.

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