A wide selection of design furniture selected by our interior designer is available on our website. Our furniture is products of foreign manufacturers, so we can deliver the selected products to your home within 4-6 weeks from the order.


New Scala sofa

399.900 Ft

NONA Istanbul

Medusa bar stool

129.900 Ft 239.900 Ft

Lucca kanapé.


Lucca sofa

1 Opinion

369.900 Ft 589.900 Ft

Zebrano® Mobilya

Velovis chair

269.900 Ft 421.900 Ft

NONA Istanbul

Davina bar stool

161.900 Ft 254.900 Ft

Lucca fotel.


Lucca armchair

219.900 Ft

Fiagdon szék.

NONA Istanbul

Fiagdon chair

99.900 Ft 229.900 Ft

Zebrano® Mobilya

Casablanca sofa

999.000 Ft 1.599.900 Ft

Zebrano® Mobilya

Calvi armchair

599.000 Ft 999.900 Ft