Alex Turco

Unleashing a new world of artistic potential; it is nurtured by sheer love and passion for the craft.

Careful fusion of photographic and digital images with hand-crafted materials develops pioneering artistic pieces for the world. ALEX TURCO’s groundbreaking plans have unleashed a whole new dimension of artistic development. It encourages its customers to take this outstanding step towards a new horizon. These brand new ARTIFICING INTERFACES offer customers a fully customized experience that meets all their needs and requirements. They satisfy everything from size, color, look and design. Careful attention to each complexity is a sublime choice for any indoor or outdoor venue.

ALEX TURCO is shipped worldwide from their headquarters in Italy and the United States. Working with a number of prominent international companies, architects, businesses and institutes has enabled them to extend their concepts, designs and methods to a wide range of clients. This has triggered a huge trend in interior design, all of which can be traced back to the artistic surfaces of ALEX TURCO. The uniqueness of these surfaces is that they are fully customizable as they can be versatile mounted in any location, weather or temperature.

Alex Profile from Alex Turco on Vimeo .

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