Modern bourgeois, bourgeois style

Modern bourgeois, bourgeois style


The main guideline of this style is eternal elegance in a modern robe. Modern, bourgeois style can really really unfold if you add a few conditions. These are high ceilings, spacious, openable spaces, large windows.

Especially the premium category, demanding use of materials: chevron or tongue-and-groove parquet, handcrafted luxury carpets, noble textiles, long-hanging organza or velvet curtains, large crystal chandeliers, gold-framed mirrors, stucco-like moldings on the walls, possibly hidden ambient lighting, mood lighting wallpaper. Upholstered chairs and sofas with curved legs, sometimes gilded, also serve to complete this modern bourgeois style. The use of color in the style is characterized by warm pastel shades, sometimes combined with a nobler, defining color such as royal blue. The centerpiece of the apartment can be a large dining room suitable for up to 6-8 people, which also enhances the elegance of the bourgeois style. In many places, copper and gold appear as a subtle addition to the style trend. Thanks to the handles, handles, chandeliers, or furniture details, we can smuggle in subtle elegance, but not too ostentatiously.

We like to use timeless materials such as marble, wood, glass, which will stand their ground even after years, so we can create a luxurious, value-resistant interior for all ages.

We can achieve a modern bourgeois style with fine, curved quality equipment, be it a beautiful pinned, velvet sofa, or even a detail-designed dining table with a mirrored console table hidden in the background.

Our offer includes everything you need to create a modern bourgeois style, be it handcrafted solid wood parquet, moldings, wallpapers, curtains or our selection of premium furniture that fits perfectly into the style.

Ask for our home furnishing service to achieve the perfect result!

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