Terms of delivery


You can see the delivery fee in the basket before sending the order.

We deliver your order with the help of well-known and reliable courier services in Hungary. The courier service will send you a notification of the expected delivery date to the specified email address and, in some cases, to the specified telephone number. Depending on the order, our company may deliver the ordered products to your home.

We try to minimize delivery times, but our products are always ordered from foreign suppliers, so the expected delivery time is 2-8 weeks after order confirmation. The delivery takes place within a maximum of 8 working days after the products arrive in our warehouse in Hungary. We reserve the right to advance delivery.

In all cases, the delivery takes place during working hours, on the day specified by the courier service. In all cases, the courier service will send a prior notification of the delivery to the contact details provided.

The delivery - apart from individual agreements - is always made to the entrance. In case of a request for delivery to an apartment or floor, please always contact us at the email address info@zebrano.hu or choose the EXTRA delivery methods.

We will pass on your necessary contact information to the courier service so that they can coordinate with you regarding the delivery date.

Some of our furniture is delivered flat-mounted. They are easy to assemble with the help of the included guides and tools. Courier service employees do not carry out assembly.

When receiving the product, you must check that the product's packaging is free of damage. If you notice damage to the packaging, you can refuse to accept the order. Upon receiving the product from the courier and signing the document certifying the receipt, the quantity and quality of the product is accepted. After that, you can only exercise your right of withdrawal, therefore, after the departure of the person carrying out the delivery, the Operator will not accept complaints about quantity and quality.

If the packaging is damaged at the time of receipt and the damage occurred before the receipt of the order, the Operator ensures the return or replacement of the product free of charge. The Operator assumes no responsibility for damage detected after receipt!

Our company offers 2 optional delivery options:

- Orders can be sent by courier service, which is always free. This delivery method is offered by our system if the items of the order do not contain large products (e.g. furniture or wall panels) or parquet.

- We carry out cargo transportation together with our partner company, so that the valuable furniture can reach its destination as safely as possible. Freight delivery is free for orders over HUF 500,000 , but for orders below HUF 500,000, we deliver large products (e.g. furniture, wall panels) nationwide for a one-time fee of HUF 19,990.

The EXTRA shipping method can be purchased under the "services" menu item on our website, with which you can request the delivery or assembly of the furniture even inside the apartment.